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Our mission is to create ecotourism in balance with the local population and contribute to creating a healthy planet to help us and to help the world to become a better place.

This is the story that NewEcoPlanet tells. This is our story, and yours too. The story that inspires people to act and change their vision of conceptional tourism and protect the environment in balance with the biodiversity of the place

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn
Image by Bill Oxford


- Conservation and protection Programs

- Biologists working on the area

- Daily study of the species

- International Conventions 

Aula universitaria

EcoTourism Vocational Training

- Educational Programs

- Scholarships

- Tourism / Ecotourism / Marketing - Vocational Training

- Employement Agency

Mesa del juez

Environmental Policy

Delfines Spinner

- Create new legislation adapted to the country

- Adapt the country to the 2030 Agenda in EcoTourism

- Create new kind of jobs

Drone por encima de un océano

Stop Wildlife Crime

- Creatation of new military units specialized

- Drones Control of the coasts (more protection to the tourism)

- Control of the application of new laws 

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